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Congratulation Shanghai Datong Tabernacle new energy saving materials Co., Ltd. become the member of Shanghai Green Industry and Industry Development Promotion Center

On January 20, 2017, Shanghai Green Industry Technology & Industry Development Promotion Center(GI&T) fifth session of the first member of the General Assembly held in Shanghai Hongkou District Zhongshan North Road 121, A1 floor, energy efficiency center.

Mr. Yang Yuqi, Chairman and General Manager of the Shanghai Datong Tabernacle, was invited to attend the meeting and was honored to be a member of GI&T. At the same time, Shanghai Datong Tabernacle is also honored to become the member of GI&T.

In our company further work, we will fulfill the green industry and industrial development responsibilities for the market to meet the green industry and industrial development of innovative environmental protection, green energy-saving heat reflective coating, and strive to create China's first brand of thermal reflective coating.























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