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Thermal Reflective Thermal Insulating Coatings - Sunshades on storage facilities

  August 23, 2015 23:30, located in Tianjin Binhai New Area, Tanggu Development Zone, Tianjin Ruihai International Logistics Co., Ltd. belonged to the explosion of dangerous goods warehouse, the explosion caused serious personal property damage. Tianjin dangerous chemicals warehouse explosion As the recent chemical storage industry exposed more and more problems.

  All sectors of the industry for the storage of chemicals offer advice and suggestions!        

  Thermal insulation coating in the chemical storage equipment has a very good protection.

  Human direct use of solar energy mainly solar collectors, solar hot water systems, solar greenhouse, solar power and other means. However, the sun light to our specific human certain objects, persistent solar heat will also cause certain hazards, summer, construction, tank depots, granaries, plant workshop these objects, long exposure to sunlight, the object internal temperature will be high, to the person inside the object, oil, food, machinery and equipment will bring certain hazards, if the temperature reaches a certain limit is, will produce great damage.

  For example, the storage tank is the storage of oil containers, it is the main oil depot equipment, the shape of the common storage tanks are generally cylindrical, horizontal cylindrical, spherical and several. As the long-term storage tank leakage in the summer sun, high temperature environment, leading to its surface and internal temperature increased rapidly, most of the heat concentrated in the oil interface surface, accelerating the evaporation of oil, resulting in oil loss and super Risk of pressure. Hot summer, the external surface temperature of the tank can reach 65 ℃, the internal pressure to 1800Pa, high pressure after the discharge through the P / V valve paint concentration can reach 40% to 60%.

  With the national economy and the development of science and technology, safety and energy conservation has been more and more attention. Commonly used methods of insulation are used insulation, metal coating and water spray cooling. The glass wool, foam insulation layer, although there is a certain degree of heat insulation effect, but once the thermal energy into the interior, even if the external temperature decreases, heat or distribution does not come out. In order to reduce the temperature of the surface of the oil tank, it is necessary to pour water to the upper surface to cool down, while the inner and outer walls of the spray pipe are easy to rust. Therefore, research and development of a new type of reflective insulation coating to save energy and protect the environment, is of great significance. Shanghai Datong production DT22 series reflective thermal insulation coating can effectively change the status quo.。

  Coating can be 400nm - 2500nm range of solar infrared, visible light and ultraviolet light for high reflection, with a strong electromagnetic wave infrared shielding, not to allow the sun's heat accumulated in the surface temperature, in the hot summer, direct sunlight , The outer surface of the oil storage tank can reduce the temperature to more than 25 ℃, even in the rainy cloudy days can be cooled to 5 ℃ or more.

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