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“ Built with energy-saving dream, then green future”—— Shanghai DT Co - organizes 2015 Shanghai Old House Recoat Development Seminar

  By the Shanghai Chemical Building Materials Industry Association Architectural Coatings Branch, the Shanghai residential renovation project quality testing center, organized by the Shanghai Association of professional repair materials, organized by the Shanghai DT co-organized by the "2015 Shanghai Old Housing Recoat Development Seminar" in 2015 September 29 at the Shanghai Shenwang Hotel. The conference attracted more than 100 representatives from the paint and related industries. The theme of this conference is "green energy saving and environmental protection". It shared and discussed the application trend of architectural coatings in residential renovation projects and the development trend of heat reflective coatings and external wall energy conservation.

  Shanghai Academy of Real Estate Science, Professor Gu Xiaoying also for existing residential building energy-saving transformation of the existing problems, related policies, standards, technical systems, such as transformation of the speech. Yang Xia, deputy director of Shanghai ASTRI, and Ms. Gu Qinying, Vice President of DT Technology, also participated in the exchange of the progress and trend of energy saving in thermal insulation coatings and exterior wall. Mrs. Gu also introduced DT Company as the focus and research and development of thermal insulation coatings 20 years of business, the production of insulation coating in the market.

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