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“ Cast brand, reinforce energy saving and environmental protection”—— Celebrating the opening of the founding ceremony of the Shanghai DT Tabernacle New Energy Saving Materials Co., Ltd

  January 8, 2016, Shanghai DT Tabernacle New Energy Saving Materials Co., Ltd. founding ceremony held in the company conference room. All the sponsors and shareholders, and agents, including brokers, law firms, accounting firms invited guests attended the meeting.

  The conference was presided by General Manager Mr. Yang Yuqi, at the meeting, Mr. Yang Yuqi on behalf of the shares of the Preparatory Committee issued a share reform report, examined and approved more than 10 proposals, as well as the election and announced a list of shares of directors and directors of high。Mr. Yang Yuqi on share reform work in various intermediary organizations under the supervision and cooperation with the promoters of the joint efforts to achieve the smooth progress of the work to express deep gratitude. at meeting, Ms. Yang Zhiying, Director of the Company, reviewed the operation and management foundation and steady development of the Company in previous years and implemented the strategic plan for the future operation of the Company into the capital market.。Representatives of brokers, law firms and accounting firms expressed their sincere congratulations on the creation of Shanghai DT Tabernacle new energy-saving materials Co., Ltd., and praised the steady development of the Datong process, and encouraged the enterprises to establish and improve various rules and regulations in the original under the conditions, continue to strengthen enterprise management mode, while the company board a new three-board, with the capital strength to further industrial upgrading, to achieve enterprise leap-forward development of high hopes.

  The successful completion of the Company's shareholding restructuring is another milestone in the development , which marks the beginning of a new strategic development stage under the prerequisite of consolidation and perfection of corporate governance structure and standardized operation system. The company will adapt to the requirements of market economic development, "cast brand, consolidate energy-saving environmental protection" as the leading direction, enhance the company's core competitiveness, and promote sustainable development on the road steady and rapid development, and continuously expand the brand and product delivery to the outside world energy Environmental protection and other business forms and brand connotation, to promote national and global energy-saving environmental protection industry by leaps and bounds before the trip!

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