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2016 the first session of the Shanghai DT Tabernacle new energy-saving materials Co., Ltd. Spring Festival party newsletter

  January 15, 2016 13:30, Shanghai Datong Tabernacle new energy-saving materials Co., Ltd. held the first 2016 annual spring party . Shanghai Datong all colleagues, as well as invited guests gathered together, In the host of a grand announcement of Shanghai DT Tabernacle has been through the share reform into a joint-stock enterprises in the new coming era. The first session of the Shanghai DT Tabernacle New Energy Saving Materials Co., Ltd. Spring Festival party opened the gala curtain.

  The Spring Festival party,with unique fusion of the game and the sitcom、Chorus, skit, dance, double-reed and other exciting elements, all departments actively participate in the performance, make the show also has its own characteristics, brilliant. General Manager Yang Yuqi magic show、Special guest Yasa performance and singing,push the atmosphere of the audience to the highest point,to employees brought festive atmosphere but also demonstrates a unique visual feast.

  Dinner stage, all colleagues and invited guests to exchange gifts and greetings, remark this unforgettable moment into everyone's heart.

  The Spring Festival party, enriched the life of DT Tabernacle employees, to provide staff with the stage to show themselves. The various departments of intentions in the busy schedule to prepare a wonderful performance, to bring laughter, but also to promote the team cooperation. meantime, the party also closely linked to the actual business, enhance the staff of the enterprise into a new era of awareness and sense of belonging. in new year, DT tabernacle will be pioneering and innovative spirit, and write a new chapter in the history of DT.

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