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“milestone moments”—Celebrates the New Three-board Listing Ceremony of Shanghai DT tabernacle New Energy-saving Materials Co., Ltd in Beijing

  December 13, 2016 Shanghai DT tabernacle New Energy Saving Materials Co., Ltd. officially in the national SME share transfer system listed. Securities referred to:DT tabernacle,Security Code:870216.


  January 3, 2017, DT tabernacle the new three-board listing ceremony was held in Beijing. Mr. Yang Yuqi, Chairman and General Manager of the Company, with the board of directors attended the listing ceremony, together witnessed the DT tabernacle this important milestone moment.


  In the listing ceremony, Mr.Yang Yuqi, chairman and general manager of the company delivered a speech at the listing ceremony:

“listing of shares in the national SME transfer system is an important milestone in the DT tabernacle,but also a new starting point。From now, DT tabernacle Will be continue in accordance with the requirements of enterprises to regulate the operation, accept the supervision of the securities regulatory authorities and the community,To provide customers with market demand for innovative and environmentally friendly, Green energy - saving heat reflective insulation coating。”After DT tabernacle succeeded in landing the capital market, We will continue to work hard,continue enhance the company's management level, Improve the transparency of the company's operations, make the company achieved sustained and rapid growth performance, With outstanding performance reward of the community's support. The company will unswervingly promote the modern enterprise system as the center of the reform, make technology as the supporting point,make the company become China's first brand of heat reflective insulation coating、International thermal insulation coating leading enterprises!

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