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Shanghai DT tabernacle of new energy-saving Materials Co., Ltd. to participate in "supervision first lesson" report

  To further enhance the company's standardized operation and management level, Mr. Yang Yuqi, chairman and general manager of the company to bring the company's financial director, Secretary of the Board。 On January 6, 2017 to participate in the Shanghai Securities Regulatory Bureau jointly organized by the Shanghai Association of listed companies listed company "supervision first class" courses.


Shanghai Securities Regulatory Bureau responsible person in the course introduces the Shanghai area listed on the company's overall situation, And regulate the operation of listed companies to improve corporate governance structure proposed、Strengthen information disclosure Consciousness,Strengthen communication and cooperation and other requirements.



  The training also invited the national SME share transfer system and intermediaries of experts/teachers to exchange experience, It covers listed companies standardized operation and information disclosure, Shanghai DT tabernacle has been the company's standard operation as an important basis for the survival and development as high - tech enterprises. Listed three new board allows the company to further enhance the company's standard testing and governance,to provide protection for the company's sustainable development. Promote the company to become China's first brand of heat reflective insulation coating、International Thermal Reflective Coatings leading enterprises to benefit investors and shareholders.

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