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Celebrate Shanghai DT tabernacle of new energy-saving materials Co., Ltd. 2017 Annual Spring Festival Gala a success

    January 6, 2017 Shanghai DT tabernacle of new energy-saving Materials Co., Ltd. 2017 Spring Festival Gala was held in the Friends of Shuyou Restaurant,,All the members of the company gathered together, Thanks 2016,Welcome 2017。

   Company director Ms. Yang Zhiying speech full of gratitude, Joy and confidence. In her speech, Mrs. Yang thanked the leadership of the Lord Jesus and colleagues hard work of the past year,DT tabernacle was finally in December 13, 2016 in the new three board successfully listed!


  The Spring Festival Gala show the positive aspects of the company's various departments, Spirit of unity and cooperation. Departments perform a variety of cultural programs, dynamic dance《zhumanwuchi》Bring the atmosphere up, skits《woweiqiyezhanfengcai》Their comedy performances and ridiculous plot to make everyone laugh incessantly. Spring Festival also set up an interactive game and sweepstakes activities, moving the entire spring evening party to enthusiastic. Director Ms. Yang Zhiying Shanghai opera finale show《jihai》push the atmosphere of the audience to the highest point. In the meantime, The management of the company commended 2016 annual advanced individuals, The entire Spring Festival in joy, warm, cheerful atmosphere successfully concluded!

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